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Reflections on London Packaging Week 2023

Date: Tue 17th October 2023

In today’s developing and growing marketplace,... More >

The future of packaging is connected

Date: Thu 28th September 2023

In today’s developing and growing marketplac... More >

How to utilise substrates, colours and embellishments to create engaging packaging.

Date: Mon 18th September 2023

Creating engaging packaging that takes advantage o... More >

Paper based packaging as an alternative to plastic.

Date: Mon 4th September 2023

Can you offer an alternative? Consumers are increasingly... More >

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!

Date: Mon 7th August 2023

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day! Whilst Particula... More >

We Won an Award!

Date: Thu 13th July 2023

Delga Press wins Digital Labels and Packaging Award for Self... More >

How to Create Print Ready Files

Date: Thu 6th July 2023

What is Pre-Press? Pre-Press refers to everything that ha... More >

Digital Embellishments now available across The Meliora Group

Date: Tue 13th June 2023

Scodix Ultra 2000. Installed at the Delga Press site in R... More >

Is your packaging fit for purpose?

Date: Thu 9th February 2023

Effective packaging design. The average consumer will spe... More >

Are you ready for 2023?

Date: Wed 11th January 2023

Read our latest thoughts on the current trends in the packag... More >

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