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Delga Wins Gold At Environmental Packaging Awards 2024

Date: Thu 27th June 2024

Gold Environmental Packaging Award for Delga Press and Wild

Delga Press has been awarded the prestigious Gold Award in the Environmental Packaging Awards, by Packaging News. The award ceremony was held at the end of Day 1 of Environmental Packaging Live, an event which brings together market-leading events focused on sustainability. 

The awards are rigorous, with an expert panel of judges, of industry leaders from across the packaging sector, who are invited to assess the entries and decide on the awards for each category. There was a Bronze, Silver and Gold award up for grabs in each category.

These awards are not just about the final product but also the impact it has on the environment. They set the benchmark for what is achievable in eco-conscious packaging design and serve as an inspiration for the entire sector.

Delga Press were shortlisted for the award for their work on the Wild Deodorant Refill Sleeve alongside entries for Wella, Molton Brown, Clive Christian, and Garnier. Delga Press were awarded the coveted Gold award in their category. This product reduces waste and encourages consumers to engage with sustainable practices, bridging the gap between environmental responsibility and daily personal care routines.

The Environmental Packaging Awards stand as a beacon of excellence within the packaging industry, spotlighting companies that push the boundaries of innovation while respecting our planet. Winning the Gold Award is a prestigious accolade that recognises Delga Press's significant contributions to the field of sustainable packaging.

Receiving this award is a testament to the work our team does to assist our customers with their requirements for sustainable packaging. We strive to be not just a packaging printer but a packaging partner for our clients.

Delga Press's pioneering work on the Wild Deodorant Refill Sleeve exemplifies innovation in sustainable packaging. Conceived with both functionality and environmental impact in mind, the refill sleeve stands as a testament to Delga Press's dedication to creating packaging solutions that are as effective as they are eco-friendly.

Delga Press recognises the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainability goals. By partnering with clients who share a common vision for a greener future, Delga Press has been able to tailor innovative packaging solutions that meet specific sustainability requirements while enhancing brand value.

These partnerships are not transactional but transformational, fostering a community of practice that is essential for the widescale adoption of sustainable packaging solutions across various industries.

If you’re a company that cares about its impact on the planet and would like to work with a company that works with you to achieve your sustainability goals, get in touch, we would love to work with you.

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