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Printweek Celebrates The Growth of Delga's Labels Division

Date: Wed 14th October 2020

Before the turn of the Millennium the commercial printing industry was just getting to grips with digital. While the digital presses were ready, the finishing equipment was still largely designed for litho and the software side was building from a low base.

Through the following decades, the R&D of the digital print ecosystem began to gather serious pace to the point where it became the dominant technology in the industry.

The labels industry is on a very similar journey, and despite taking its first steps on the path to digitisation perhaps a decade or so after commercial print, it is now becoming a very digital industry. Something perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the most recent Labelexpos have had a similar ‘digital energy’ to that of the Drupas around the early part of the century.

Labels has become the fastest growing side of the HP Indigo business in the UK & Ireland. In recent years the changing requirements from brands and consumers has helped drive the shift to digital. Brands are seeking creative ways to engage with consumers to create loyalty and demand; digital is ready-set to support this demand.

The unprecedented events of 2020 are accelerating the drive to digital with a new set of dynamics. In fact, many different types of companies are already well on their way along the digital journey, including Delga Press.

Managing director, Ian Conetta, said:

“The decision to incorporate a label division within the Delga Group was made easier for us as we already had a route to market and an outwork spend that could be brought in house. The more difficult decision was how to structure the new business and what equipment to invest in. One of Delga Press’ main USPs is high quality multi-SKU packaging and we felt this would add value within the label sector. The HP 6900 was the obvious choice. The flexibility, quality and reliability of the press complemented with the unparalleled service and support network has enabled us to hit the ground running with Delga Labels in the middle of a pandemic.”

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