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Read Our Q and A With One Of Our New Clients

Date: Tue 2nd June 2020

We recently had a Q&A session with a new client, Jamie Russell from Medicom Healthcare.

Please feel free to read through the transcript below. We're very proud to be working alongside Medicom Healthcare, especially during the current worldwide pandemic, and were delighted with the feedback given by Jamie. 

1. How did you first hear of Delga Press?

I have been in contact with Les Harris Ward for a while and was invited to Delga to see the machinery etc and what was on offer.  I was highly impressed.

2. What is your product?

Medicom Healthcare is a UK based pharmaceutical company specialising in Ophthalmics offering Preservative free eye care for everyone through our Evolve range.  Also offering eyelid wipes for eyelid hygiene and an Eye mask which will be coming into the market this year.

3. What were your packaging requirements, and did we assist you with the final design?

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 our primary printers were totally shut down which left Medicom Healthcare the task of sourcing another print supplier which is where Delga come in to play.  Sample cartons of the products where sent to Delga to match which they did extremely well.

4. If we were working towards a specific deadline for you, did we meet or exceed your expectations on the delivery?

Due to Covid-19, our print request/requirements where urgent and Delga done everything to make sure cartons where sent to our manufacturers in a timely manner.  Stuart Mclellan and the Delga team where in continuous communications with myself and Medicom’s supply chain team. Never did I have to chase for information.

5. What were your thoughts on the final packaging received?

The final printed packages of 3 product cartons all meet my expectations.  The grade of board, colour and quality was excellent.  Sample cartons where sent to me at my request and once compared to our current carton they were a very good match.  This was imperative that the cartons matched as these where products for customers so we at Medicom could not afford for there to be a difference, which there was not.  Extremely happy with final product. (You can see the products produced in the picture above)

6. How do you feel about the service you have received from Delga Press?  Is there something that makes us a little different?

The service was excellent, the continual communications letting us know the situation day by day was also very good indeed.

7. Will you be using our services again?

I would be more than happy to use Delga in the future.

Overall the experience working with Delga was a pleasure , continuously keeping Medicom in the loop to what was going on and when.  The quality of the finished cartons where an excellent match to what had been printed before. 

Kind Regards

Jamie Russell
Artwork Manager
Medicom Healthcare

To find out more about Medicom Healthcare and the work that they do, visit their website at

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