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Ensuring Brand Consistency and Cost Efficiency


Wash With Leaf Packaging

Ensuring Brand Consistency and Cost Efficiency

Run by father and son duo, Wash with Leaf is a company that is trying to change a legacy format for cleaning laundry that hasn’t changed for over 20 years, whilst maintaining three core values of efficacy, sustainability, and simplicity. In a call to discuss the journey so far and working with Delga, business owner Calum revealed that his career started in a vastly different sector to cleaning products – selling helicopters, but the idea for Leaf quickly became reality and with the help of his co-founder, the product was launched. Now instead of talking about aircraft, he spends his days discussing cleaning products and helping to change an industry for the better.

Leaf’s journey with Delga Press started in early 2023 at the Ideal Home Show where Sales Director Stuart McLellan was enjoying a rare day off. A chance encounter with Leaf CEO and co-founder, Calum, set the course for an ongoing business relationship with Delga that has seen developments in the brand's packaging, saving the brand money and improving performance.

When Stuart met Calum, Leaf was at a point in their brand journey where colour matching was critical, they were just taking off and had begun branching into retail. They needed to ensure that colour matching was on point, which was something they were having difficulty with at the time with a previous provider. However, with Delga’s colour management capabilities, it was a no-brainer for Calum to begin working with us, so they could cruise along at a steady altitude without experiencing any turbulence.

The initial brief to Delga was to take the current stock, colour match and ensure that remained consistent across future orders. After being provided with samples, Delga were not only able to ensure consistency of colour, but the packaging engineers saw an opportunity to reduce the size of the packaging which resulted in an unexpected and significant cost saving per unit for Leaf’s postal range at the same time.
Calum recalled that:

“The quality of service, deliveries, and the way Delga have been so flexible in the early days to accommodate fluctuating needs for stock orders has been a huge benefit”

Stuart summed up the conversation by summarising that “Delga’s responsibility is now to control the brand, to keep it consistent from a packaging perspective, and continue to drive cost efficiency for Leaf” will allow Leaf to propel the business forward in other areas.

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