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The 1975 Limited Edition Boxset

   1975 Album Boxset

The requirement

Sound Performance Limited were looking to produce a limited edition boxset to accompany the release of the next album from ‘The 1975’, entitled ‘I like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’.

The boxset specifications featured a comprehensive range of items and design ideas, meaning they required a specialist printing company that had the experience, capability and expertise to undertake such a task.

The solution

Requiring an experienced and highly skilled printing company, Sound Performance Limited appointed us to manage the entire printing process.

Using the very latest printing technology available, we created a multitude of different items for the boxset, including:

  • A CD album, in a jewel case and featuring a 28 page booklet
  • A hardback photo book, with 40 pages of rare and unseen photos
  • An A4 enveloped letter from The 1975
  • A 12” lift-off lid box
  • A transparent pink plastic case

The results

As you can see, the results were incredibly impressive and befitting of the nature of the boxset. Stunningly created using our specialist printing technology, the album casing, the lift-off lid box and the transparent pink plastic case add real style and beauty to this product and make it a must-have for any ‘The 1975’ fans and music aficionados alike.

For more information on our specialist printing services, please feel free to browse through the other pages of this website or contact us today.

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