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Producers of The World's First Polylined Inner Sleeve!

Thanks to a significant increase in our manufacturing capabilities and extensive research and development, we have launched the world's first premium printed polylined inner sleeves for vinyl records.

Not only will they enhance the quality of your product and add real value to the release, our polylined inner sleeves will also offer more protection to the vinyl disc; guaranteeing you absolute quality and your customer a stylish enhancement to their item.

These stylish, bespoke designed and visually engaging polylined inner sleeves are unique to Delga Press, so call us today on 01634 227000 to see how your imagination and our manufacturing capabilities can bring your ideas to life.

You won't find polylined inner sleeves anywhere else!

We are the only print and packaging company in the world that produces polylined inner sleeves to this standard! Thanks to extensive research and development and the expertise of our talented team of specialist printers, we have manufactured a unique machine with which to design and create truly bespoke polylined inner sleeves for clients across Kent, London, the UK and Europe.

Our vinyl sleeves offer enhanced style and protection

Individually designed and tailored to your product's style and theme, our polylined inner sleeves offer enhanced style and quality. Manufactured with or without holes, our polylined inner sleeves will incorporate any artwork associated with the release and add real quality and value to your release.

Not only that; our vinyl record sleeves will also add increased protection to the vinyl records themselves, reducing the risk of scratches and maintaining their authentic look and feel while providing you with an outstanding product to add to their collection.

Polylined Inner Sleeve for Vinyl Record

Bespoke designed in-house

Like everything we manufacture, our polylined inner sleeves are designed and created in-house. At Delga you can rely on highly skilled and experienced printing specialists to take care of your bespoke printing and packaging requirements; no matter where you are in Kent, London, the UK or Europe.

If you have a bespoke printing requirement, including our world's first polylined inner sleeves, speak to one of our printed packaging specialists. Contact us today to receive a free and no obligation quotation.

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