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Environmental Policy

The management and all who work at Delga Group Ltd are committed to caring for the environment and prevention of pollution.

The organisation ensures that all its activities (within the defined scope) are carried out in conformance with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements (environmental aspects) to which the organisation subscribes.

The organisation seeks to minimise waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions and, where possible, to works with suppliers and customers on practical environmental programmes.

An essential feature of the environmental management systems is a commitment to continually improve on environmental performance and preventing pollution. This is achieved by setting environmental improvement objectives and targets which are regularly monitored and reviewed.

The objectives and targets are publicised throughout the organisation and all staff are committed to their achievement through comprehensive 14001 printing.

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, our specialist printing company has implemented an environmental management system which satisfies the requirements of BS En ISO 14001.

This policy and the obligations and responsibilities required by the environmental management system have been communicated to all employees and other persons working on behalf of the organisation.

If you would any more information about our environmental policy or how our 14001 printers can help you, speak to our UK-based specialist printing team today on 01634 227000.

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