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Delga Press shortlisted for the Environmental Packaging Awards 2024

Date: Tue 23rd April 2024

Wild deoderant Refill on a beach with the sea in the background

In the retail environment, packaging is essential for not only product specifications, protection, and health & safety information, but also branding. These essential requirements need to be implemented with increasing consideration of the lasting impact of the packaging on the planet, from production to the end of life of the product, and how it fits into the circular economy.

Delga Press is committed to helping our customers make their packaging as sustainable as possible and we are thrilled to be continuously working with Wild, a company on a mission to shake up the single-use culture of bathroom products, to evolve the packaging of their products.

The product we’re proud to have been shortlisted for an award for in the Environmental Packaging Awards Personal Care category is the refill sleeve for their deodorant. The refill is made from a soft deodorant block, so it needs a level of protection in the retail and e-commerce environment it is sold in. The original brief was for an improved carton that could be used for both retail and eCommerce. Utilising the decades of expertise in Delga Press’ packaging engineering department we were able to present a solution that ensures vital brand and legal information is still displayed and the product is sufficiently protected for the e-commerce channel, but that offers a 61% saving of packaging material waste and a 66% weight reduction of the outer packaging. 

The carbon footprint of the product is reduced because it utilises less material and requires less time to produce. The new design of the sleeve also provides production and logistics benefits in that it requires less time to pack and takes up less space in the logistics chain.

To top it off, Wild deodorant refills sleeves are produced using an FSC ® Certified folding boxboard. Paper and card are widely recyclable in the UK and Europe. With a recycling rate of almost 70%, one of the highest rates for recycling of any material in the UK, and around 80% of UK-made paper utilising recovered paper, paper packaging is the most sustainable choice. [Source:


Are you looking to redesign your packaging to make it more sustainable?

The team at Delga have decades of experience to draw upon to find the right solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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