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Scodix Foiling & High Build Varnish

Add another dimension to your designs with Scodix digital embellishments.


The power of the senses really comes into play in something as personal and touch-oriented as print. In fact, research has shown one in four people value something they can touch. 


A Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press is capable of producing a variety of effects from Scodix Foil, embossing, dimensional finishes and textures, as well as, innovative additions like holograms. These effects can help you transform your product packaging and allow more senses to be engaged when the consumer reaches for your product.


How Does It Work?


Digital embellishments are added by applying a polymer-based clear coating to the specified area. This creates the spot UV or high build effect and can be used alone or with the addition of a range foils.

The enhanced capabilities of the process mean that the polymer surface can be created smooth and glossy, or textured.  Special textured effects can also be created using a range of transparencies applied to the spot layer. 

If foiling is required this is applied over the polymer which results in an embossed foil effect.  



A more environmentally friendly embellishment process:

With no need for a metal die, the carbon footprint of the Scodix machine is much lower than that of traditional foiling methods. Read the full article here.

Digital Foiling is the perfect method for producing short-run projects and even personalised variable foil applications.


  • No plates or make-ready needed
  • Digital process
  • Allows for variable applications
  • Recyclable and repulpable

Scodix has passed the WMU SBS-E protocol, meaning that embellished sheets using Scodix polymers and technology are recyclable and repulpable as long as the substrate used is also certified. Read more about Scodix’s collective sustainability efforts at:

Based in Rochester, we specialise in providing first-class printed packaging services.

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