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Colour Management

As part of our continuous improvement programme Delga Press has invested heavily in a robust and efficient colour management system.

The need for consistent quality of printed product is essential to our customer base and to us as your partner.  Delga prides itself on providing this quality and ensuring that our packaging and printing customers are always immensely satisfied with their product.

To assist in the delivery of this statement, Delga has installed a closed loop colour management system to its array of multi-colour presses. 

How does it work?

Our investment enables us to provide CIP3 data online to the press control, presetting the ink keys and compensating for differing materials.  

This means that any operator commences a make ready from a consistent platform.  

Our inline control automatically measures and controls colour on the fly and at speed.

As the system is fully integrated into the machine, the spectrophotometer measures the colour and forwards any corrections automatically to the press console for adjustment.

Comprehensive Colour Management

The press does not need to be stopped to make the adjustments ensuring maximum productivity and consistency.

The result of this is that Delga can produce quality colour print and packaging, confident that every sheet will be as good as the last.

For more information on our colour management system, please contact either or

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