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The future of packaging is connected

Date: Thu 28th September 2023

A screenshot of the results of searching for Connected Packaging on Google showing lots of different types packaging with QR codes being scanned with a phones

In today’s developing and growing marketplace, never has it been so important for brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd, a task that’s easier said than done. Packaging and labels not only need to be functional, but they need to attract, engage and connect with consumers whilst offering a sustainable and personalised customer experience. Consumers like to feel valued and special and there’s no better way to help achieve that than through the product itself. Furthermore, brands are looking to unite the Digital with the Physical world through their product packaging and labels using evolving and emerging technology such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality. Customer journeys can then continue through websites or dedicated landing pages that are designed to engage, interact and strengthen the relationship between a customer and a brand. So, packaging and labels no longer just serve a purpose, they are intrinsic to the overall customer experience beyond the checkout. Delga innovates and enables customer projects to reach their potential in today’s connected and highly engaging marketplace utilising its experienced and talented staff as well as its state-of-the-art software and manufacturing capabilities.

What can you do with connected packaging?

Measuring marketing efforts and tracking product lifecycles used to be quite challenging when it came to reaching the end consumer beyond packaging. However, thanks to advancing technology, this is no longer the case. QR codes have become ubiquitous since the pandemic, and most consumers are now familiar with scanning them on their phones. This presents a whole new realm of possibilities for you to monitor the success of your products through their packaging and labels. Furthermore, there are even more exciting opportunities to explore. 

With connected packaging, you can immerse customers in a journey that goes well beyond simply using the product. Offer them access to engaging 'how to' videos, create an interactive game where they can earn points every time they scan a new product from your brand, or even direct them to an online competition. Take a look at our guide on connected packaging technology for additional ideas on leveraging digital technology for your packaging and labels.

Connected packaging helps with:

  • Lead Capture
  • Building Trust in your brand
  • Adding Value to the customer experience
  • Data Capture (such as geographical information, that leads you to know where your products are being purchased or used.)
  • Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities.
  • Collaboration

Although we may not be the creators of the technology that powers these experiences, we have the ability to bring to life what leads to them through our printing capabilities. We are excited to show you how our print capabilities can perfectly complement your journey into the future of packaging and labels. With our innovative printing techniques, we can bring your brand to life and create captivating designs that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. From vibrant colours to intricate details, our print capabilities will enhance the visual appeal of your packaging, making it stand out from the competition. Let us help you create a packaging experience that not only showcases your product but also engages and delights your customers. Contact us today to discover the endless possibilities of our print capabilities and take your brand to new heights.

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